Belong is a refugee run organisation helping migrants and refugees find their feet and integrate into UK society. Immigrants today are making enormous contributions to UK infrastructure and many have made, and can continue to make positive contributions, as long as we are able to provide them with the support they need to integrate into the community.

With that being said, it’s important for us to take notice of this issue and offer assistance wherever we can. Refugees were driven from their homes due to persecution, war, poor governance, climate change, and disaster. Unpreparedness and lack of a proper intake system will only exacerbate the problem. Families and children need to obtain proper assistance and education if they are to live happy, meaningful lives.

Fortunately, there are some ways that each and every one of us can help. Let’s take a look:

Typically, refugees awaiting leave to remain in the UK are housed through government services and then may or may not get help from the local authority. But the problem of poor housing is not just down to the local government but national policy. This is where Belong can help with housing advice to make housing applications easier and more convenient for families and children from migrant and refugee backgrounds.

Adequate Shelter- a family of refugees with children require shelter and food as basic necessities. Local authorities need to step in to find more permanent solutions. These refugees may obtain low-cost housing through various methods of funding, such as grants, donations, and soft loans.

Provide Employment- Belong provides employability and language services which can make getting a job and integrating much easier. Many refugees and migrants were educated. They had careers or ran businesses before being displaced. It means they could be employed after undergoing some amount of training. There should be a system to assess the educational background and professional experience of these individuals. A matchmaking program may help to employ doctors, engineers, technicians, and other skilled professionals among these refugees. Local businesses should consider hiring refugees and check the local resettlement centres for individuals with proper qualification.

Ensure Proper Cultural Integration- Belong provides a youth programme and a Heritage programme to help young people and adults learn more about the country they now live in. Children and teenagers may have deep feelings of isolation if they fail to integrate into the new society. Refugees may not expect to see a vastly different culture in the UK and Europe. Efforts to integrate refugees and displaced people should be gradual to ensure better acceptance. These people are getting over their psychological trauma and they are uncertain about the future. Small gestures of friendship are enough to introduce refugees to the new culture.

Provide Education- we need to improve the quality of migrant education and care for all adults and children. Local schools and universities should contribute by offering scholarship to refugees. The lack of education could be devastating for any individual in developed countries because it restricts the ability to acquire employment and proper quality of life. For refugees with a high school diploma or unfinished college education, local universities may provide assistance and scholarship based on personal preferences. Belong can offer advice on adult education to help migrants get the education they need to achieve their career and life goals.

Please visit our staff pages to contact the right person to help you. To make a general enquiry please follow this link.

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