What We Do


We support from beginning to end of the process of finding employment. We do this through supporting clients to:

  • Apply for National Insurance number.
  • Write a CV.
  • Use online job searches and set up accounts for appropriate job search platforms.
  • Apply for jobs by application form, sending CVs or making phone calls to enquire.
  • Write a covering letter.
  • Gain UK based work experience through work placement or volunteering.
  • Prepare for interviews.
  • Understand work culture in the UK.
  • Understand rights and responsibilities of an employee.
  • Understand the tax system in the UK.

We also offer one to one Careers Advice with a qualified careers advisor who can help clients to plan for the future.


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Education and Training

We offer a range of ESOL classes to meet the needs of our clients, from Pre Entry to Entry 3. We run groups for women only and evening classes for those who can’t attend during day. Our groups are small, friendly and informal, but with a structured approach. We cover all four skills areas; speaking, listening, reading and writing. We are inclusive of people with any and all immigration statuses.

We are part of the Online Centres Network through which we provide the Learn My Way, basic digital literacy skills course and Make It Click which teaches more advanced skills such as using spreadsheets and making presentations.

We also provide a variety of other trainings:

  • Integration
  • Social Enterprise
  • Citizenship
  • Interview skills


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Welfare Support

We provide free and confidential advice to support clients with a number of such as.

  • Applying for benefits
  • Appealing benefit decisions
  • Finding a school place
  • Applying for housing
  • Employment rights
  • Debt concerns

Where necessary we can refer clients to other services and agencies that can provide the best possible outcome.




Youth Project

We run activities for young people to aid their integration into the local community, along with developing their potential and ability to build positive relationships with their peers and seniors. Young people’s sessions run every Wednesday after school from 5pm. The sessions involve group discussions, creative activities, planning day trips and one-to-one support.


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