Who We Are

Originally founded as an African Refugee Community Organisation by refugees for refugees we are now proud to support migrants from all backgrounds and from a large number of countries as diverse as from South America to East Asia. Our main aim is to empower refugees, asylum seekers and migrants to achieve their full potential and to be economically active and socially included.


We believe in community and cooperation and we have a multi-cultural staff which is reflective of the community that we work in. Our background and experience helps us to understand the needs of the people that we work with and to plan our service accordingly.


We offer services in the following areas:

Employability: CV writing, careers advice, volunteer experience, job searches, interview techniques.

Education: ESOL classes (English for Speakers of Other Languages), IT skills, integration training, social enterprise training.

Youth: Support with integration, academic and social development, dealing with peer and family expectations.

Health: Improving confidence in accessing health services, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Housing: Liaising between migrants and charities that help with accessing accommodation.



Have a look at the rest of the website and feel free to contact Belong for further information or to give feedback. You are welcome to visit us or to contact us via email, phone or Facebook.